Djinni Technologies is a Georgia owned and operated corporation providing IT support to small, medium and large companies, both domestically and internationally.  We specialize in IT infrastructure design and implementation.
Mission Statement
Offer a variety of relevant services, technologies, expertise and methodologies to enable us to present the optimal quality solution to each of our client’s particular needs, and to combine the right blend of these resources in order to tailor the client’s solution to meet, or exceed, the specific scope, schedule, budget and requirements of their individual needs.  This will allow us to assist our clients in the achievement of their business objectives by delivering, to them, customized IT solutions that maximize quality and economy.

Continue to respond to our clients’ needs in such a way that they understand customer service is a high priority, and by maintaining the highest level of employee and client satisfaction
Our Team of consultants have between 10 and 20+ years of experience in the IT field and are familiar with a wide variety of hardware platforms, operating systems, programming languages and applications.
History:   Djinni Technologies was founded in Atlanta Georgia in October 2001.  The business plan was to provide solid IT support to small to mid-sized companies, for whom IT was not a core business function.