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Djinni Technologies can help provide your organization with a rock-solid foundation for business-critical desktop and server-based computing.  Whether you’ve never had a network before or whether you’re looking to enhance what you’ve already got, Djinni Technologies has the knowledge and experience to quickly implement a state-of-the-art LAN with any of today’s exciting technologies. With project teams led by experienced Systems Architects, Djinni Technologies can assist you with a complete Information Technology installation, upgrade, or overhaul.
First, we start with the basics.  Starting with cabling and wireless equipment, moving to switches and routers and from there to servers, PC’s, and printers and finally to operating systems and applications, we help you to design a cost-effective network that meets today’s needs and budget but is expandable to meet future requirements.  We work with you to find the best mix of technologies and products.  And we combine all of this with our years of experience to produce a reliable, high performance network upon which to base your business.
We then ensure high reliability of your network with advanced network security, antivirus technology, robust server and workstation backup, and disaster recovery planning.
Throughout the design and implementation process, we tailor our solutions to your real business needs.  We understand that your IT environment is not an end unto itself but is a platform for realizing your business goals.  We work within your budgets and processes to deliver the right solution at the right price for the right reasons.
Unlike other companies who may offer limited consulting services, often tied to a specific platform or vendor, Djinni Technologies supports all phases of the infrastructure life cycle.  We can help you plan and design an infrastructure which will provide for a smooth implementation, effective management of day-to-day operations along with support for future growth.  With our multi-platform experience, we can determine the most cost effective solutions for your business needs, understanding that the best solution for you, the customer, may be a multi-vendor one.  Our goal is to make sure you are provided with the best solution to your needs

We offer a complete line of services, from deploying an infrastructure for a 10-person startup to doing the same for a 10,000 person multi-location global firm, to the merger of disparate IT systems and networks, Djinni Technologies has the advanced systems infrastructure expertise to help you realize a stable, robust, and extensible network infrastructure.  We can assist in currently budgeted projects, or can scope projects for customer review.  We have worked with customers as small as a 5 person office, to a large multi-national globally dispersed corporation, and provided appropriate solutions for all.  We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate clearly and concisely with all levels of technical competence within a customer's organization, and adjust our presentations and documentation to suit.  We can manage the projects from start to finish, with full process management, documentation, knowledge transfer and training.  Djinni Technologies attempts to work WITH the in place personnel, and we are committed to knowledge transfer (both ways) and training of all individuals related to the project.
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