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These days, more than ever, IT departments face enormous pressure to reduce operating costs while maintaining or even increasing capabilities.  Unfortunately this can lead to situations where many companies may have inadvertently evolved into an inefficient infrastructure over time, through no real fault of the existing IT department.  This does, however, create issues that need attention before costs become even more difficult to contain.
We can help out clients tackle these challenges with solutions like:
Server Consolidation or Virtualization which can reduce the numbers of servers needed.
Hardware Updates/Replacements which can reduce power consumption costs, increase productivity, and which
     can result in lower maintenance costs.
Desktop PC replacements with Thin clients in situations which would benefit from this configuration.
Software Updates which can reduce problems and downtime, and increase productivity.
Internet Connection Bandwidth monitoring which can show if the network connection is underutilized, and if so,
     would a lower bandwidth connection be more cost effective.
Re-negotiation of current licenses to reduce costs.
Replacement of proprietary software with Open Source Equivalents.
Automation of IT processes, freeing headcount to do more proactive projects, and less "fire-fighting".
Addition of Remote Access tools, to reduce On-site support and support travel costs.
Software Asset inventories, which can result in removal of unused software services, or reduction in number of
Standardize Software offerings which can lead to reduced licensing costs due to volume licensing.
Standardize Desktop platforms reducing the number of parts or disk images required for repair, replacement or
Standardize Server platforms for the same reasons, reducing troubleshooting and problem-solving time
Serve as Virtual IT team members who work only when required, not on a full time basis.
Recommend outsourcing portions of the IT infrastructure if it makes sense for the specific client needs.
We can also help in identifying, implementing and measuring security policies to protect your company data during the consolidation. We can help identify all those locations where assets are underutilized, or should be replaced or redesigned with greater efficiency in mind.