Mergers, Acquisitions and Migrations often result in the need to merge disparate IT systems in a cost effective manner.  Some of the aspects of the transition we can help with include: due diligence, IT asset inventory, network topology changes, creation or merger of data centers, data and platform migrations.  We can create and implement a detailed strategic roadmap to provide the secure transition of data and services while minimizing the impact to your day-to-day business.
Data Center Design and Buildout
Our people have the expertise needed to design and project manage a Data Center roll-out from start to finish.  We can design data center infrastructure to meet the Uptime Institute's certification for Tier 1 and Tier 2 classifications and can assist in the complete design of a Tier 3 or even Tier 4 data center.
Our Solutions Include:
Backup & Recover
Documentation of Policies and Procedures
Service Level Agreements
Intranets, Extranets and DMZs
Disaster Recover Planning
Network Bandwidth and Capacity Planning
Location, Data and Network Security
Database Synchronization/Load Balancing
Heterogeneous Platform Environments
Tying Geographically Diverse Sites Together
Mass Storage and Storage Management
Power (Needs, Backup, Failure/Recovery)
Redundancy and Failover Requirements
Physical Environment Design and Layout
SOHO Design and Buildout
We have an excellent track record in setting up Small Business and Branch Office infrastructures.  We understand that in many of these cases there is little or no dedicated IT staff.  We can design a complete end-to-end infrastructure solution that requires "low-to-no" maintenance.  We have experience presenting our proposals in detail to technical and non-technical staff, discussing options, alternatives and potential modifications.   We will install, configure, test, explain and document all of our work at whatever technical level is requested.   If desired, we can also provide regularly scheduled checkups.
Our staff prides itself on establishing relationships with its clients, not just providing work for hire.  We are happy to help in both the day-to-day operations of your current infrastructure, and in planning the roadmap for its future.
IT Planning & Roadmap Based on our knowledge of our clients and their plans, we can offer suggestions, advice, or design a complete strategy as appropriate.
Technology Roadmap We keep an eye on current technologies, trends, and how our clients may find them useful.   We can advise you when and where to upgrade and update as well as how new technologies can help your business.
Scheduled Infrastructure Checkups We offer regularly scheduled checkups for all your infrastructure needs.  We will apply patches, repair and update as necessary to maintain the solution's proper functioning, subject to your business concerns, and approval.
System Administration Automation We have developed shortcuts, scripts, tools and methods to help in the day-to-day tasks required of any System Administration organization.  We will be happy to share our expertise with you.
Virtual IT Staff Based on our knowledge of the current state of your IT infrastructure, we can assist you by temporarily backfilling for your staff or providing additional staff for specific projects.  We can offer off-site problem solving as well as in-house support
We are dedicated to working with our customer's existing IT department, and we are committed to a continuous knowledge transfer and sharing between all parties involved in our interactions.